“Only connect.”

E.M. Forster got it right Every achievement, every accomplishment, every step we can take is dependent upon connecting—thoughts and words, words and actions, and most importantly, people.

I can help you and your organization connect—and hit it out of the park—for any of the following:

  • Strategize policies and plans.
  • Write clear, memorable informational material.
  • Revise and edit written works.
  • Develop marketing an promotional copy.
  • Facilitate events.
  • Workshop to create community.
  • Celebrate milestone events.

I’ve worked with dozens of freelancers but you are the cream of the crop. Your work has been so outstanding that the client feels first manuscripts can go straight to production! Thank you for always bringing your best.

Terry Tipton, Freelance Client

I could not have asked for a better officiant for our big day. From our first consultation we just clicked with Sheri and knew she’d be perfect at capturing our story. Well we were blown away with how wonderful the entire ceremony was! Her presence and professionalism were unwavering and she truly helped make our wedding day special.

Catie, Flow Ceremonies Client

Great talk! You opened the door to talk about this important topic [culture, ethnicity, and race] with our Celebrant family. We value all the work  you’ve done to put this together for us and share it with us so tenderly and powerfully.   Do you feel the buzz!

Charlotte Eulette, President, Celebrant Foundation &  Institute

I cried when I read your re-ordering of my last paragraphs. This very sensitive edit was the keystone to the tricky arch or dome I’ve been trying to construct in this story. It kept falling in on me.  But your thoughts and edits make the story more sure-footed, and truer to what I wanted to say. You so totally get ALL the spoken and the unspoken things I’ve told you. And you got it just right.

John Hahm, Teacher, Storyteller

This is the most creative and best-written essay I have ever read! How does one love (like isn’t strong enough) this?

Michelle Rose, Celebrant

I love it!  It is just exquisite and has brought me to tears, to rage, and to laughter.  Thank you for this gift and for being who you are on the planet.  We need you.

Nanncy Floy, Founder, Heartwood Center