Clarity catalyzes effective communication.

Whether I’m working on curricular material, internal communications, or brand storytelling, it’s important to be clear and effective.

When I Write

  • I do my research, ask questions, and listen to what stakeholders have to say.
  • I adapt the tone to match the audience and context.
  • I craft the text, using images and metaphors that create buy-in.
  • I expect to revise, putting your goals before my own.

When I Edit

  • I am alert to unanswered questions.
  • I shape language to fit the audience and context.
  • I look for nuance—or develop it.
  • I attend to your style guide (or help you create one).


  • Conscious Choice Journal of Ecology and Natural Living

Book Editor

  • Life-Cycle Ceremonies: A Handbook for Your Whole Life (Celebrant Foundation and Institute)

Book Review Editor

  • Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature

Project Manager / Writer / Editor

  • Educational Books and Media

  • Cricket Magazine

Book Author

  • Stubborn (Addison-Wesley)
  • Earth and Sky Cakes (Scott Foresman)


  • American Book Review

  • Childcraft Editions (World Book, Inc.)

  • CMA Today

  • Spirituality and Health

Web Content Provider

  • Claret Center

  • Just-in-Time Direction

  • Blooming Rose Healing

Give your work meaning.

Communicate a fresh perspective and connect with your audience. I can provide you with compelling written content including educational or communications copy, presentational material, and webinar scripts. I also offer sensitive and discerning developmental editing.